About Us

Mechanical Design and Analysis Service

In-house design of new products is always a complex task, particularly without the resources to support detailed simulation analysis, or the frequency of medium and large-scale product development to maintain a standing team of design engineers. This is where NUMA can help.We can perform engineering analysis of your existing designs and provide quantitative input into their effectiveness, based on the results of our simulations. Our engineers have experience in component design ranging from simple fixtures used in everyday tasks to sensitive equipment used on-board spacecraft. We appreciate that each design project is different and work closely with our customers to understand exactly what it is they are looking for. Then, using our expertise with cutting-edge engineering software tools, we can develop the product’s design to your requirements. We create models of the product and use these to simulate how effectively the design will hold up when in service. This can eliminate the expensive need to create multiple prototypes and run tests, thereby saving your company both time and money in bringing new products to market. From aerospace components to razor blades, tractor-trailer couplers to seabed oil drilling systems, we can develop detailed and accurate models of any product so that the design iteration can be accelerated.

CFD/FEM Development Services

NUMA has experience in the development of open source finite volume and finite element solvers which can be tailored to specific customer problems. This includes OpenFOAM for fluid mechanics / heat transfer and Elmer for multiphysics applications. NUMA has experience integrating with industry standard numerical libraries, GPU acceleration and interprocess communication. Combined with an understanding of subtle numerical techniques required for solving systems such as Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetics or immersed boundary problems for fluid mechanics, this places NUMA in a strong position to support complex numerics development projects. In the past, NUMA has developed and adapted codes for the simulation of multi-physics problems in the space and biomedical sectors, such as supersonic parachute inflation and liver cancer treatment.

Capabilities and Software

We use a number of industry-trusted software packages in conducting our analyses, from basic design to detailed numerics, including:

– Solid Edge
– MSC Patran and MSC Nastran
– OpenFOAM
Previous projects have required the integration of multiple packages and purpose-written code for specific complex applications. NUMA has experience in hardware acceleration of solvers and working with supercomputing facilities internationally.

Our expertise and experience covers the following areas:

  • Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer
  • Metallic and composite stress/dynamic analysis
  • Multi-physics problems (e.g. structure/fluid/electromagnetic interactions)
  • Satellite stress, thermal and fluid management prediction techniques
  • Gas turbine engine and aerostructure thermal-stress analysis work
  • Analysis to support biomedical engineering applications
  • Numerical code development to address specific customer problems

If you want to find out more or to discuss how NUMA could contribute to your project, please get in contact with us directly.