Stress & Thermal Analysis of Satellite Components

NUMA has worked on several projects involving the analysis of space mission payloads as well as developing new designs to meet the strict and demanding requirements on products that must function in a space environment.

We perform stress analysis to ensure the component meets static, quasi-static, low frequency, random/acoustic and pyro/shock loading from the launch environment.

We also perform thermal analysis including conduction, convection and radiation modelling. Accurate radiation modelling is critical for space applications where structures can experience solar heating on one side and cooling to deep space on the opposite face.

Fluid/Structure Interaction Analysis

NUMA has worked on several multi-physics projects for customers in the aerospace industry.  This includes fluid/structure interaction simulations for flexible structures such as parachute inflation and subsequent quasi-static loading. These complicated problems were analysed using a combination of commercial, open-source and in-house developed software.

Our simulations are validated against wind tunnel data and previous design experience where possible.


Spacecraft Sloshing Analysis

NUMA has experience working on several projects related to free surface propellant sloshing in a microgravity environment. This has included computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and Earth-based experiments, which are focused on obtaining reliable data for the computer simulation validation. In addition, we have experience working on propellant management devices (PMD) for the control of bubbles in liquid propellant by using surface tension devices in spacecraft fuel tanks.