Software for Simulating Ablation Cancer Treatment

GoSmart is a novel cloud-based simulation software environment for the training of image-guided minimally invasive cancer treatments. The web framework allows Interventional Radiologists (IR) to upload patient datasets from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerised tomography (CT) scan images of the liver, lungs and kidney. The IR can then segment the datasets within a user-friendly software environment and setup simulations for different ablation protocols. The predicted lesion is then overlaid on the original CT images and validated against the follow-up patient datasets.

The workflow is clear and simple and can be automated for ease-of-use using the following steps:

• Upload patient datasets

• Segment the organ, vessels and tumour

• Locate the virtual needle and set the medical device parameters

• Simulate the ablation protocol and overlay the predicted volume on the CT images

The same web-framework can be used by clinicians, researchers and medical device manufacturers to work together in a unified environment with standardised numerical models.

The software has not been released yet as a commercial product. Please check back for further updates as we move towards market release.

More information is available at our GoSmart website.